Posted by: Mike | April 23, 2008

Political Correctness Can Kill: An Impolitically Correct Post

Political correctness is a relatively new phenomenon. Though no one knows exactly when it emerged, most sources believe that political correctness was born in the mid to late 20th century. Political correctness refers to the use of language or behavior in a way that would be least offensive to certain groups of people. Beneath this seemingly benign definition of political correctness lies something far more sinister: a desire to kill. Yes, politcal correctness is out to kill you. Don’t believe me? Too bad – I’m not going to be politically correct about this topic.

There is nothing wrong with trying to establish a tolerant, open and accepting society. Up to a certain point, being politically correct does not harm anyone. For example, I have no objection to the use of the term “African American” over the cruder classification “black people”. But there are times when this drive to not offend goes too far.

In the early 1980s, the modern plague now known as the AIDS virus burst onto the world stage. The virus struck hard and fast in the United States, infecting thousands before our medical institutions fully mobilized. Doctors and researchers intent on not offending the gay community (which was hit first and hardest by AIDS) developed a dialect that was referred to as “AIDSpeak” by journalist Randy Shilts. Using a slew of politically correct terms, doctors and leaders of the gay community used AIDSpeak in an attempt to prevent alarm and to pre-empt homophobes who would use AIDS to further their agendas. As a result, few members of the gay community changed their behavior, and the virus killed thousands more than it should have.

Another infamous example of political correctness gone wrong can be found in women firefighters. Now, I have absolutely nothing against women becoming firefighters. In fact, one could argue that we need women firefighters because there aren’t enough men volunteers. But women must be held to the same standards as men. In a video dubbed “female folly”, women training to become firefighters were taped as they stumbled sloppily and failed to complete basic training maneuvers. Although this video is not necessarily indicative of women firefighters, it does raise an interesting (but politically incorrect) point. Why do some insist on ignoring the physical differences between men and women? The two genders are not the same; women are better at some things, and men are better at others. Denying this truth can be downright dangerous.

Even when political correctness does not endanger our lives, it can still have a negative impact on our quality of life. Think about it. The enforcement of politically correct language seeks to limit what we can say to inoffensive euphemisms. A grocery store sacker becomes a “courtesy clerk”. Garbage collectors become “sanitation workers”. Sure, this doesn’t seem like a big deal; and mabye it isn’t. But heaven forbid that you should use impolitically correct terminology. Someone might get offended- and that wouldn’t be good. That wouldn’t be good at all…..




  1. There are some jobs that women excel in over men like nursing, teaching young children or any other job that requires a certain comprehensive compassion component….not to say that some men are not good at these jobs, but most are not.

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