Posted by: Mike | April 26, 2008

Al Gore- Can He Save His Party?

Now that Pennsylvania’s primary is over, the fight for the Democratic nomination is sure to last well into May. As John McCain consolidates his base and raises money, Clinton and Obama are busy spending their cash attacking each other. All the while, negatives for both of them are spiking as McCain becomes more competitive in national polls. How can Democrats get out of this mess? With Al Gore, of course.

Al Gore has become universally popular with the American people. His determined commitment to the environment has endeared him to a horde of conservationists whose dedication rivals that of Obama’s core fan base. Many Americans think that Gore was cheated out of the presidency in 2000, so he will not be burdened with the stigma of being a loser (as John Kerry would be). Gore is more likable than Clinton, and he comes without many of Obama’s negatives- namely his pastor.

Gore also has better demographic appeal than either Clinton or Obama. His stance on the environment is sure to be attractive to young voters. At the same time, (and I hate very dearly to have to say this) his race ensures that elderly voters will not be alienated. If Gore is chosen at the Democratic Convention, we will be able to avoid the wave of resentment that would come when Clinton or Obama supporters learn that their detested rival candidate has won the nomination. Gore is an excellent compromise. His anti-war credentials are at least as strong as Obama’s (he spoke out strongly against unilateral action back in 2002). He won’t be plagued by criticisms about his lack of experience, and he isn’t nearly as divisive as Clinton.

Gore is both a unifier and a fighter. His speeches are not as inspiring as Obama, but anyone who has watched An Inconvenient Truth knows that Gore is an excellent orator. Gore was hurt in 2000 because of his association with President Clinton, who was fresh from the Lewinsky scandal. That won’t happen in 2008. Gore barely lost when the Republican party was strong. He will surely win when the Republicans are as weak as they are now.




  1. I would love to see Gore/Obama .

  2. The Bill Moyer interview of Rev. Wright, if widely seen, should change peoples’ minds about Wright.

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