Posted by: Mike | November 10, 2008

Proposition 8- Hope for the Future

Despite the passage of Proposition 8, exit polls on how various demographic groups voted shows that there is hope for the future. Although those over 65 years of age voted 57-43 percent for Proposition 8, about 65% of those under 30 years old voted against the ban. This means that, as time goes on, and as the older generations are replaced by younger ones, support for gay marriage will almost certainly grow. Also, look at Proposition 22, a ballot measure in 2000 aimed at banning gay marriage. Proposition 22 passed with an overwhelming 61% of the vote. Just eight years later, Proposition 8 barely passed with 52% of the vote. Of white voter, about 55% voted against Proposition 8; this means that minority groups carried the day for gay marriage foes. Rather than allowing this fact to inflame racial prejudices within the gay community, we should redouble our outreach efforts to these minority groups.



  1. Have you seen this Demographic Winter video? I saw it over on Kingfisher Column, the decline of the family has huge economic impact. This thing is chilling.

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